Paranormal Hauntings book is back and available again to buy on Amazon to buy in paperback or kindle form and if you are a amazon prime member it is free to read with your membership.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased the book and supported myself and Spiritus Santus Clare Burrows.
‘ Have you ever had a Strange experience that has left you thinking and you just cant explain it?
Does the Mysterious and the unknown interest you? If so, this book will leave your mind wondering more as it plunges into all aspects of the Unknown.
There is chapter after chapter on Ghosts, True ghost tales, Hauntings, Possessions, Curses, Spiritual practices, Creepy places to visit, Big Foot and so, so much more!
It is varied, It is different and it covers all aspects of the Paranormal field.
Through much research and experience, Charlene and Clare touch on the historical, factual and evidential parts which surround the well known cases of the paranormal field to the not well known from all over the world!
So have a seat, grab a drink and delve into the Mysterious Paranormal World with us……’

For your copy please click on the below picture.

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