The ASYLUM Explore – History and Sightings

So Saturday night seen us explore a asylum in Wales and thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch us, I am proud to say that within 48 hours 20k+ tuned in to watch us explore and investigate some of this fantastic location.

But where was we?


Situated in the black moutains of Wales, Talgarth Ayslum, now abandoned, sits within a isolated area, where it is a reminder that the poor souls who was kept here was kept away from the outside world during a time when cruel experiments was secretly conducted on people suffering with a long term mental illness and they was treated very badly just in general.

Talgarth Asylum was built in 1903, it was built to house 352 patients. It was renamed the Mid Wales hospital in 1921 after previously being named The Brecon and Radnor Joint asylum when it first opened.

Patient numbers increased during WW1, when it housed many military officials, suffering from shell shock. During WW2 also brought both psychiatric patients and prisoners of war. At this point the building was severely overcrowded which led to the construction of two additional wards by 1955 and after the it mainly housed psychiatric patients who were sometimes lobotomised for conditions such as postnatal depression, alcoholism and senile dementia.

New health legislation led to its closure in the mid 1990’s.

The 43 acre site, which includes extensive hospital buildings, five large family houses, a tennis court, cricket pitch and chapel, was reportedly disposed of several years ago in a controversial sale for around £355,000. Since then, the buildings have fallen into ruin with signs of demolition across the site. (source urbanghostsmedia)
Our Explore and Investigation

We started to explore before we did the live, before the live we heard a dragging sound in one of the buildings, it was actually that loud we thought someone must be in the building and watching us. We investigated to see if we could see anyone, looked at all entry points and even called out to see if anyone would come fourth, just to warn them why we was there and what we was doing, but we couldn’t see anyone nor did anyone answer. Shortly after this, we heard a banging that seemed to ripple throughout the whole area, the only logical explanation we came up with was that it could be sound travel from a nearby village rackling through (like a echo effect).

We went live and within this area many reported seeing a face of a male in the left hand side of the building where we was stood.

This is the same area we was stood when we heard dragging coming from either one of the two rooms at the top.

We had a number of strange personal experiences while live, feelings of being touched and hearing voices, Watchers generally reported hearing growls, a little girl and a ladies voice.

Watch the Explore and investigation here

The hauntings here are not exactly clear, but after speaking to another investigator of the location the feeling is that it is haunted by a man, who isn’t too keen on you being there, things have been thrown at investigators and investigators do tend to capture mostly EVPs here and have really responsive spirit box sessions here.

We believe we have also captured a women’s voice on the recorder which appears to sound like ‘help me’. When we left the recorder upstairs on its own (can be seen on the live).

Here are some of the pictures I took while exploring the area.


Upon researching the location I came across this picture above, this was featured in Wales online.

This was taken in the same area that we heard the dragging in. Soon as I seen it I thought bingo this could assiocate with what ever we heard.

Sadly after looking into the picture more and speaking to James Wright, a investigator who has explored Talgarth many times, he informed me that this picture was no more then a prank, a mask was placed in the window when the building was being used as airsoft but the prank backfired on them when the picture drew 100s of ghost hunters and investigators from across the country.

Sadly, if this is the case, pranks as such ruin it for genuine hauntings and any sufficient evidence collected in such areas where pranks have occurred could instantly get dismissed as being a prank aswell.

My opinion Talgarth definitely has something about it, whether you are a believer, open minded or sceptic as soon as you stand outside the building there is no denying it has a atmosphere to it.

Personally it was one of the best explores and investigations I have done for a long while…. I would definitely recommend a visit to any investigator.

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