Can a graveyard be Haunted?

It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions to a paranormal investigator….

Logically when you look at it why would it Be? Surely it is just a place for the shell of the soul to rest….

But there is a number of factors to consider why a grave yard could be haunted and here are some examples:-

Depends on what the land was before it was a graveyard.

If the graveyard has been abandoned and left to ruin.

History of the church and the graveyard in previous years and the ownership of it.

A spirit may feel connected to their earthly body and may feel a need to protect.

Incidents that may have occurred within the graveyard (murder etc..)

But the most interesting thing to mention is according to folklore, the first person to be buried in a churchyard is believed to return as a spirit with a special ability, their role to protect the site against the devil.

People believed in this so much so that a black dog or sometimes a cat was buried before any person so it would become a guardian of the dead!

Ghouls (a common name for ghosts in arabic) and often described as a nasty or vicious looking ghosts are also thought to haunt graveyards!

A ghoul is believed to gain sustenance from eating the flesh of corpses…so for a ghoul the perfect place to haunt would in fact be a graveyard!

2 thoughts on “Can a graveyard be Haunted?

  1. Very interesting question .
    Some believe the spirit remains with the body so a graveyard would be haunted . The living also leave energy from mourning which is often mistaken as spirit energy .
    A deal was made with the Devil that the first soul from every graveyard would belong to him so undertakers would make sure a dog or cat was the first buried , hence dogs seen as guardians in a graveyard .

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