CREEPY! TRUE Tale Tuesdays! – The Hinterkaifeck Massacre (1922)

In the depths of Bavaria, Germany, in 1922 a terrifilying massacre took place where six people including women and children were murdered with a farming implement. There were several things that turned this tragic event into an unexplained mystery and a crime that was never solved.

A suspect was never found, despite over 100 people being questioned. There were several rumours about the farmstead being haunted and the attacks also happened shortly after the arrival of a new maid (who was also killed).

Each of the victims was apparently lured to the barn where they were killed one by one. The events were even more sinister when evidence was unveiled that suggested the murder(s) stayed in the house for several days after committing the crime before disappearing. Decades later, a multitude of investigations have been carried out with no further results.

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