The Japanese Girl Suicide Drawing – How does it Make you Feel?

According to local urban legend this is a self portrait of a Japanese school girl, named Sonee. This drawing is claimed to be one of the most scariest drawings ever to be posted online by many and many believe it to be cursed!

It is believed by many that Sonee’s boyfriend had drawn the potrait and had scanned the image and posted it and emailed it on the internet to those who bullied her at school. She then went and commited suicide.

It caused a internet stir when it was uploaded to a Korean forum. Many within the forum claimed it had eerie powers. Some suggested that to stare into the girls eyes for more than 5 minutes then it could cause madness and lead you to commit suicide yourself. It is also said the more you stare at the drawing the more the girl changes. It is said her mouth turns to a evil smirk, her brows furrow and her eyes darken. A dark mist is then envelopes her petite frame.

But this is where the urban legend ends…

The artwork is actually by a Thai artist named Robert Chang, he created the character creation, Princess Ruu, for a screenplay he was working on callrd Tellurian Sky. According to Robert, Princess Ruu is the only heir to the throne and is forced into a position of power at an early age, she was doomed and never had the chance of being with her true love. He states the portrait was actually created by using a computer program and that the portrait is suppose to be her last casual portait before taking power.

So i thought i would do a little experiment to see our the followers on our facebook felt when seeing the picture…

seeing it myself at first did make myself feel dizzy, which also a lot of others seem to feel looking at it.

Most reported feeling nearly the exact same to the people who had seen it in the Korean forum…. and some even perhaps feeling the character, that Robert Chang had created, feelings of being sad, sorrow and in need of help

Take a look

So is this just a simple urban legend or is there more to this image then we no?

How does it make you feel?

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