The Interest Of Haunted Items!

My interest in Haunted Items comes from when i was investigating with a event company. I had purchased a doll which was a EMF trigger doll. I had taken her to numberous locations which was said to be haunted. Over this time, i started to notice that the Doll would respond in nearly every location when calling out. When i say respond, it was giving high EMF readings to questions we was asking. The thought that maybe it could have a attachment to it did cross my mind, I would take it back home and see if it reacted the same at times and it did. But how could it when there was no history to it and it had came straight from a ghost hunting equipment shop? Well i dont have the answers but the thought is that could it have picked up a spirit attachment while i had been investigating and if ghosts do exist and if it did have a attachment was it from a location and was it following me around with this item to get understood?
This lead me to look into Spirit attachment more, this is where i came across Jayne Harris’s research in to the topic and found that her theories on it made sense to me. Jayne Harris is a well known haunted item researcher and any one interested in theories on Haunted items i would advise to go and check her out. The idea of a item being haunted may sound silly to some but when you look into it, the idea isnt much different to a location having a haunting.
If a person protects a item in life, why wouldnt they in death? The theory that a spirit lives within a item is not something i personally believe in, though i do know many who would put a strong arguement to why our energy may go into a vessel after death.
Curses are slightly different to me, i do believe a item can be cursed. We are all a energy source and if that energy is put into a bad practice to cause a bad intent, i believe a item could hold that energy from a person, possibly causing a person illnesses, bad luck and so on.
I decided i want to investiagte the claims of haunted items more, so i contacted Sean Robinson, the owner of The Anguished Man Painting, to see if he would allow a interview and a lone vigil with the item. Unfortunatly, due to work commitments and after structuring the interview myself, i couldnt attend. The interview with Sean opened my eyes further, when reviewing it and the 10 minutes the team had spent with the item seemed to prove somewhat interesting. This then led us on as a team to explore the concepts behind haunted items more. I hope in the future, if allowed, Sean may let me pop by to actually visit the painting myself, even if its just to have a selfie with it :).
A few weeks later, i had the pleasure of meeting Jayne Harris and speaking to her personally regarding the subject. In her collection of Haunted items was ‘Peggy the Doll’. I had seen previous footage and knew the story of Peggy after watching Jayne on ‘DEADLY POSSESSIONS’ with Zak Baggins.
I was offered a lone vigil with Peggy and of course i accepted, so I sat in a room by myself faced with what is known to be one of the most deadly prossessed dolls. During my lone vigil, nothing occured only heart palpartions (which Peggys is known to cause), but there is no doubt that Peggy does somewhat give off a daughting presence around her and a presence which many have felt worldwide.
Peggy is now in Zak Baggins haunted collection.
Over the following years, I started to collect pieces from all over, I have been involoved in numberous experiments to explore the concept and over time the experiments have seemed to prove somewhat interesting leading me to explore it more.


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