Christmas Ghost Photos


(Taken 18th December 2016)

A pair of terrified teens spotted what they think is a spirit of a child after taking the snap at a pub.

Pals Sophie Killip and Kayleigh Lomas, both 19, had met up for a festive get-together at the pub. But they were left horrified when the spectre appeared at one of the party tables in the photograph.

What appears to look like a dark-haired child, who appears to have cuts on her head and be wearing old fashioned clothes, seems to be staring straight at the camera from sunken eyes.

What do u think?


(December 2015)

The story behind this pic from the U.K. is that a man took a photo of his Christmas tree and noticed a baby’s face in the background. Do you see it? While some might say the “face” is an excellent example of pareidolia, the man and his family, which includes a newborn, have been spooked by ghostly whispers in their home and think it might be a sign of something else.

What do you believe?

Visit from a Relative?

Cara Rawsthrone

I took this picture as many people take pictures of all their lovely christmas presents….Every christmas she believes her gran comes back to see the kids and makes her presence felt in some way or another.

This specfic year carla snapped what she believes to be her gran peering in looking at the lovely gifts also.

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