Alledged to be One of of The Most haunted Homes in the UK. The Cage in St Osyth, Essex, was once a medieval prison and home to many women, including England’s most notorious witch Ursula Kemp. Ursula Kemp was accused of witchcraft and hanged in 1582.

In the 16th century, witchcraft was common and popular, Its believe Ursula was a nursemaid and healer and was known to many for her special abilities, which was removing curses from people who believed they had been hexed and and for making and selling potions to cure the ill.

It was believed that Ursula was a good lady and a good mother. A local lady accused Ursula of witchcraft and went to Lord Brian Darcy od St Osyth Priory to put a complaint against her. 14 women was dubbed as witches and some was executed including Ursula Kemp leaving behind there children who also was dubbed as witches and left to perish alone. Ursula Kemp and Elizabteh.

The Cage would have been the last place these children would have gave their mothers a kiss goodbye before their mothers would have sent for unfair trials and faced execution.

In 1921, Two female skeletons was discovered at St Osyth one which people believe may be that of Ursula.

Vasessa Mitchell, brought the cottage in 2004, shortly after moving in Vasessa stated that things started to happen to her, being hit from behind, hair being pulled and visitors being shoved down the stairs. She also stated objects moved around and doorknobs rattled, taps turned themselves on and blood spots appeared in the hallway. The final straw was when son Jesse was four months old she saw a male appartition standing over the cot. However, vasessa decided the last draw was when she caught what she believes to be a satanic goat on CCTV.Picture Below

To watch Vasessa’s full story view the below link from our channel

Since then Vasessa has struggled to sell the property but failed and rented it out to people for paranormal research and private rents.

Vasessa believes the cottage to be cursed and reports that over the last 400 years there has been tradedy, suicide and death that has plagued the residents and owners of The Cage.

In 2013 Spirit Photographer Ron Bowers took pictures in a room full of onlookers and believed he caught figures on camera.

Mr Rawlings, previously conducted some research on the property for a documentary stated while there

‘I’m not a religious man and yet I go to bed every night clutching a crucifix for my own safety.

‘After a few days, I got to learn the natural noises of the house. Now the non-natural keep me awake at night’

In 2016 Chris Halton, a former police man and paranormal investigator, caught the below picture shortly after leaving the property.

He claims I had heard stories about how the alley was used to carry away the bodies of these supposed witches in the dead of night so no one would notice.’ and believes this is what he may have captured.

NOW the cage is under new management and Project Paranormal are setting out to film an Part 2 Documentary of the story of this ever so interesting Location.

If you have any interest in exploring this location please contact Deb or Paul on the contact details in the Poster below

Or ring to attend an psychic supper on the 22nd April 2017.

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