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Last night we conducted a investigation with John Harris who owns the investigation company John Sixth Sense.

Our selves and his team, teamed up for a joint investigation at a location that earlier last week, John and his team experienced very similar things to what we had on our investigation. Some readers may remember the blog I did last week detailing this.

Part of John’s investigation is transfiguration and he is a practising transfiguration medium. He explained to me that he wanted to try this with us present and wanted to add some extra elements during the experiment to see if this heightened the transfiguration process. It sounded brillant and of course we couldn’t denay the invite.


Transfiguration mediumship is when a individual is masked by a spirit. The human invites spirit to come into their personal space to show themselves through them. Spirit Helpers or guides are normally used to assist in the masking and the medium practicing normally can draw their energy to do this on a substance that is known as ‘Ectoplasm.’ 

This ectoplasmic mask is placed in front of the mediums face, and is usually about an inch or two from the face.  When the spirit wishes to transfigure the medium, it pushes its face into the ectoplasm, the ectoplasm then molds to the face of the spirit, showing those watching the image of the spirit wishing to be seen.   The ‘Mask’ is never touching the face of the medium and remains a distance away from it.   If you were able to view it in profile you would see a definite gap between the mask and the face of the medium.

Normally in Transfiguration mediumship the spirit wishing to transfigure with the medium will never normally speak. This is because, to speak, the medium would also need to go into a trance state and to transfigure is normally carried out in a state of relaxation. However, mediums who do practice this from all over the world – Queenie Nixon, being one, state that each session is different and sometimes spirit has been able to speak out on numerous occasions.


A skeptic’s view on this would be that it is nothing more than a trick of light or a optical illusion. The light casting over the face would make shadows, therefore to the observer, this would make the appearance of the medium participating appear to look different to the ones watching.


For our investigation, John wanted to do his transfiguration abit different this time. He used UV light, Infrared, Infrasound and plasma energy. John shined the UV and infrared lights directly into this face, he had music playing which contained a 18mH frequency within it to create the infrasound and had a plasma ball in front as a energy pump. All these interferences together potentially could create a high degree of energy for a spirit to transfigure more clearly.


Soon as John proceeded to enter his relaxatation state, the trigger balls started to continuously flash. As soon as it seem spirit was masking, the trigger balls stopped. Us watching stated to experience pain, myself in the groin area and the viewers watching stated they could see hands on John’s shoulders as if someone or something was pinning him down. If you look at the pictures below it would seem a shadow is casted behind John and you can see what appears to look like hands pressed on his shoulders.

The atmosphere was quite tense and John had said help a few times. We decided that it may be time he came out of the transfiguration and tempted to do so. It took the team some time to pull him out. The trigger balls than started to flash continuously again, if something was lingering nearby.

When John came round he stated he was given things which informed him of when he would die and whatever was with him was taughting him about his illness.

It was a interesting night and thank you to John and his team for making us part of it.

If you want to watch the full length stream, it can be viewed on the link below.

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