Mo Khao (หม้อข้าว ) – Thailand’s DYBBUK!

dybbukHauntings, ghost stories and folklore of different cultures is something that really interests me.

Last week I posted up a picture of Paranormal Hauntings Dyybuk box and I was approached by a Thai member, Piyawit Saorawa, who asked me what it meant and what is alleged to haunt it. I informed him to what and he replied with something that interested me.

In his country that kind of entity is called something completely different and in his culture such items would be dealt with completely differently.

As with the Dyybuk a evil spirit is alleged to be summoned to the box. In his culture he explained that such entities would be summoned to a clay pot, it would be sealed and thrown into the sea and these are called Mo Khao. It is normally used to cook rice but within ceremonies it is used to invoke spirits as well as to capture evil ghosts and banish them.

Thailand is a country with such spiritual beliefs I have to ponder how many of these pots are indeed at the bottom of the sea……. It is also interesting to point out that these objects are not easily researchable. In the western culture the Dybbuk box is known to so many but the Mo Khao is rumoured hold the same and yet properly only a hand full of people may have heard of it (unless you are of course from Thailand or have links to this culture).

This leads me to think are we more inclined to be interested in the bad and is Thailand’s culture frightened to speak out about such things?

Piyawit Saorawa, explained to me how the below one was found in a river meaning whatever spirit was within it had now escaped.




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